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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Have You Ever Skimped on a Gift to Buy Yourself a Sex Toy?

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We at Present A Sunday Fun Day Special.

Have You Ever Skimped on a Gift to Buy Yourself a Sex Toy?

Yesterday I proposed a very important question, do sex toys make good housewarming gifts?

The responses were mixed. Gift givers usually responded with doubts that giving a sex toy was a good housewarming gift. They did not see sex toys as something that necessarily warmed a house.

The positive responses I received were from people assuming they were on the receiving end (pun intended). They overwhelmingly supported the idea of receiving a sex toy as a housewarming gift, particularly when compared to the gift my friends gave -- coasters.

One of my friends who went in on the coaster purchase (yes it was a group purchase) sent me this very important clarification about their gift choice:
yes, the coasters were a bit lame. but they were hand silk-screened by a local artist and allowed us extra money for our dildo fund. Yay for dildo funds

Yes this is a vitally ponderous development in our gift giving story. The coasters certainly do sound nice. Not many people can boast, "Dude, check out my coasters. Yes, that is original silk screening. I know, I know. They blow your mind."

On the other hand my friends knowingly skimped on their gift so they could buy themselves a sex toy. Honestly, can you blame them? Who really wants to spend good money on someone else anyway? Particularly someone like "heterosexual" Mr. Big Feet who knowingly poses in his underwear in front of two gay men while two lollipops stick out of his boxers? I mean seriously doesn't this guy sound like he deserves fancy coasters?

My friends were hardly the first people in the world to lame out on a gift so they could have something more fun. Who hasn't gone shopping for someone else, but ended up buying something for his/herself instead -- or worse kept the intended gift and skipped giving a gift at all?

I certainly have. When I was in pre-school I was invited to a classmate's birthday party. My mom took me shopping and we picked out a puzzle, but when I realized the birthday party was at the same time as the Tom and Jerry Show, I faked illness. Since I was "sick" my mom let me keep the puzzle. Cartoons and toys, double score!

I don't think there is anything wrong with this strategy at all. Maybe its because my mom rewarded me at such a young age for pulling it off. Whatever the reason, the next time you have an opportunity to give someone else a gift for a housewarming or a birthday, why not get something nicer for yourself? You deserve it.

A friend's birthday is coming up. I was thinking about getting her the Vibratex Water Dancer Vibrator. Picture upper right hand cornver of this post. It is a super sweet toy by the inventor of the Rabbit. In fact, it is one of my favorite clitoral simulators. I know she would absolutely love it..... or maybe I'll just get something for myself instead. Choices, choices.

Tell me about your experience:

Have you ever received a sex toy for a house warming gift? I would love to hear your stories. Are you still not quite sure which sex toy is right for you? No problem! Post your question below and we will do our best to help you.

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